Did you know you can change your White Pointy Cursor?


Why is it that people just use there normal , boring old cursor when playing on the computer?
Most people don't even know you can change that white pointy cursor.
Everything from animals to flags to cool colored cursors and tons more!
If we had to say what each was you would be reading for
the next day and a half.

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No charge what so ever. All You Do is a Simple Download of there software and Boom , you can change your Cursor to anything you want.

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What is a Cursor?
A cursor is the visible shape of the pointer on a screen. It consists of a hotspot, a source bitmap, a shape bitmap, and a pair of colors. The cursor defined for a window controls the visible appearance when the pointer is in that window.


Some Examples of Free Cursors you Can get?

Here are some Examples of Free Cursors you can get at Cursor Mania









Starting Late August 2013

Aug.24, 2013 - NHL Toronto Maple Leaf Tickets Getting More Expensive with Tier Pricing.
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Aug.23 , 2013 - Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman/Superman Movie!
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I just don't like when actors go for a role , and then they do well and then don't want to continue ...
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Batman Begins is still my Favourite although I haven't seen #3 Yet.




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