As companies create more data, making sense of it is becoming harder. Collaborative data analytics platform Cursor aims to solve this problem by removing the user communication gap.

Rob Watts, PC Magazine


Having worked at companies like Pandora, LinkedIn and Salesforce, Cursor’s founders experienced the pains of handling data work firsthand. They worked with geographically dispersed teams, saw the massive amounts of available data but also dealt with the headaches of trying to access and understand it. They witnessed the communication gap between users, and the resulting duplicative work, siloed knowledge, and worst case, the lost knowledge when experienced team members left the company.


Toba Capital

Orange County, CA

Toba Capital was founded by Vinny Smith with the observation that a VC firm comprised solely of senior software executives would be uniquely positioned to identify promising companies and enable their success.

Ride Ventures

New York, NY

Ride Ventures is an early stage technology venture fund.

Investors from LinkedIn, Stripe, Coinbase, and beyond.

Board Members

Our board consists of both company leaders and representatives from our investors.

Adam Weinstein

Co-Founder, CEO

Patrick Farrell

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Steve Goodman

Toba Capital