It's hard to believe that it was not even one year ago when we first launched Cursor. Our user growth has continued to accelerate, but more importantly, so has our user engagement. We’ve had countless calls with teams, getting rich feedback and listening to requests for new features and functionality.

When we launched Cursor Enterprise in the Fall, we promised that we would quickly follow up with more. I’m happy to report that we started 2019 with a new release packed with some of the capabilities you requested.

First and foremost, we had many users tell us that while SQL remains important, Data Scientists are increasingly using Python to analyze large datasets. In our latest release we added Python support - which will allow users to leverage the tool in ways never before possible. A few examples include:

Any of the above tasks can be scheduled through the standard Python threading library, and will run so long as Cursor is running.

Besides Python support, the new release includes a lot of other great functionality.

  • Our new Audit and Event Tracking System allows you to capture how your colleagues are interacting with data. We’ve heard from many analysts that understanding who is interacting with content is key to measuring its impact.
  • New Result Set Table: We’ve improved our result-set component to better handle wide datasets and flexible column widths
  • Ability to save drafts without executing queries. You can save your work, share it with others for feedback, and come back to it later when you are ready to finalize and execute.
  • Significant UI Improvement based on user feedback
  • Many, many more small improvements under the hood

—  The Cursor Team