About Us

At Cursor, we're bringing collaboration to the world of data analytics. Cursor's innovative platform marries a data catalog with an integrated development environment, bringing together business users and analysts to quickly find answers.


Startups are a rollercoaster, and the ride is best experienced when you can laugh about it. We work hard, but never lose perspective.


We're small and scrappy and operate very transparently. Everyone should feel comfortable giving input (on anything).

Time Off

Take it when you need it. Life is too short to do anything else.


We're a bit of a competitive bunch - in all the right ways. If things aren't moving up and to the right, we tend to dig in and ask why.


Open Positions

We're currently looking to fill the following roles. This list will update regularly.

When you hear full-stack developer, what do you think? Do you think, it means knowing database modeling, API design, DevOps, and enough front end coding to make things happen? If you think like that, then we think alike. At Cursor, we're building a revolutionary platform for data scientists and analysts to discover amazing things about the world, business, and ourselves.

We believe shipped, working code is the best argument for a way to solve a problem. We cringe at wasting a day arguing about approaches and would rather write some code and measure the results.

Taste in software isn’t constrained to UI. You can find beauty in clean, self-evident code. Great code isn’t written, it’s re-written and you know things don’t have to be perfect the first time.

If you decide to join us, you’ll own large parts of the software stack. Help ensure the user always has an excellent experience. Automate our testing and deployment. You will be involved in all engineering-related decisions and will have a major impact on the company we’re going to build.

A (small) taste of what you'll do:

  • Work on our product backend (Kotlin, Postgres, ES, etc) on AWS
  • Interview, hire and help grow a mission-driven engineering team around you
  • Decide on, implement and help enforce software best practices like Agile, CI & testing
  • Ship new features to our customer-facing products every day
  • Build useful internal tools and automation workflows to help the company run more efficiently

What you bring to the table:
  • Passion for building
  • Good knowledge of databases, API design, local services, deployment, etc.
  • Strong opinions about how to build SOLID software
  • Love of problem-solving and insatiable curiosity

If this sounds interesting, we should talk. Send us a note about what you love about software and link to a project you’ve built or contributed to.

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We're looking for an entrepreneurial person to be our first in-house marketing leader. Cursor is a pre-series A, analytics platform with over 1000 users. Established in 2017, we are now part of the growing ecosystem of cloud companies that give organizations control of their data without complex engineering.

This person will both manage and execute the daily marketing needs for the business – including outbound email marketing, lead nurturing, content marketing, and beyond, working closely with our external PR firm and others as needed.

The Role & Responsibilities:

  • Build a plan and execute to it – the ideal candidate will have an approach for how to spread the word and the grit to get it done. You’ll have support from everyone around you, but you’ll call the shots.
  • Account management on ad platforms for pay per click (PPC) media such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Continuously optimize email funnels
  • Manage efforts with our PR firm
  • Develop relationships with analysts and customers to support the right blend of content marketing
  • Present relevant data weekly and monthly.

What you bring to the table::
  • 2+ years experience working directly for a B2B software company.
  • Experience executing email marketing campaigns and online advertising campaigns
  • Exposure to data and analytics a huge plus
  • Willingness to understand our product and use case deeply
  • An innate curiosity and strategic mindset
  • Ability to empathize with customers and understand our buyer’s discovery journey
  • A working style that is extremely organized, efficient and detail-oriented
  • The ability to produce scrappy solutions within tight deadlines.

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We're looking for a driven sales development representative to come join the team as our first outbound-focused sales hire. Cursor is a pre-series A, analytics platform with over 500 companies that use it. Established in 2017, we are now part of the growing ecosystem of cloud companies that give organizations control of their data without complex engineering.

The Role & Responsibilities:

  • Be the first person to interact with our inbound leads.
  • Develop an outbound plan and execute it – we’ll support you with all of the tools you need to get the job done.
  • Gain a deep understanding of our prospects' challenges and how Cursor can help address them
  • Design messaging based on a thorough understanding of all of our features.
  • Collaborate frequently with your team and the broader company to share success stories, product and sales challenges, and impactful product enhancements

What you bring to the table::
  • 1-3 years in B2B software sales as SDR.
  • Comfort on the phone with a technical audience
  • Exposure to data and analytics a huge plus
  • Comfort using modern sales tools, from Salesforce to (bonus!) Email Marketing
  • A positive, highly organized, self-starter

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