Integration Types

Cursor's integrates to anywhere where data lives and we're constantly adding new connectors.


Cursor automatically ingests all levels of database metadata, making it easy to search across any number of data stores and providing a unified platform to discuss data quality, lineage, and other changes. Beyond that, Cursor intelligently matches underlying metadata wherever it is used, including ad-hoc queries, reports, and dashboards.

Machine Learning Data Catalog

Business Intelligence

BI platforms have been the lifeblood of data democratization for the past decade (or more). As adoption has grown however, confusion has as well. Organizations rarely consolidate to a single platform as each function has unique needs, creating data silos. Cursor works to bridge the gap by providing a unified search layer, complete with understanding of where the data for each report comes from.

Data Steward

Business Applications

Tremendous amounts of data is stuck in business applications. From CRM's to Supply Chain Systems, this data is only known by the limited users that see it on a daily basis. Cursor helps unlock the value of this "edge" data for the entire organization by cataloging it in a secure, permissive way.

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