Who Uses Cursor?

Business Leaders

Search across all enterprise applications and BI platforms to find pre-existing reports and dashboards to support your analysis. Review report metadata and user reviews to determine which reports are most applicable. Converse with subject matter experts to get answers on the calculations behind the metrics and check the lineage to see where the data was sourced. Deliver results you believe in.


Business and Technical Analysts

Search across databases, tools and other platforms instantaneously locate the data you need. Relevant metadata combined with user driven content helps you quickly understand the data and determine its fit for purpose. Search the landscape again to identify pre-existing code which can be easily repurposed for your analysis. Share your work with colleagues to collaborate on issues and get feedback. Publish results to complex questions faster than ever before.


Software and Data Engineers

Use natural language search to find pre-existing code which can be cloned or edited and used again to support similar analysis. Manage versions and track who originally wrote the code along with who has used it. Chat with your team through the platform and capture answers to questions about the code so others can later access the information and questions don’t have to be repeated. Eliminate low value add work and focus on what matters.


Benefits For Your Team

Increased Productivity

Reduction in time spent on low value add activities such as searching for data and elimination of duplicative efforts like re-writing code that may exist already.


Manage data, reports, and code. Set owners, establish permissions, and capture metadata in one centralized location.


Search across all databases, applications or BI platforms with one tool.


Easily identify the right source data or report or the right SME to get questions answered.

Proactive Communication

Get alerted when there are changes/updates to the information that matters to you.


Facilitate communication between all users and capture conversation history for future reference.

Cursor is designed to meet the needs of the world’s largest data-driven organizations with a host of features, spearheaded by the use of machine learning to bring relevant data to you, faster.

Adam Weinstein, CEO

Cursor is solving an unsolved problem, and I think they're built for long-term success.