What will happen to Cursor?

As part of the transition, the Cursor product will be sunset on March 30th.

Can I continue to use Cursor until the shutdown?

While the platform is expected to remain operational until March 30th, we recommend moving critical workflows at your earliest convenience.

Can I still sign-up for Cursor?

Given the pending shutdown of the product, we are no longer allowing new registrations.

How do I export my queries and other data?

To ease the transition, Administrators can export their company’s assets, including ingested schemas, queries, dashboards, wiki articles, and user information. The link for this is located in the Admin section of the product on the Account Settings tab. The archive is refreshed nightly for organizations that are still using the product.

Is there anything I need to do?

No action is needed on your end. However, if you would like to export your data, please do so on or before March 30th.

How do I learn more about DataRobot?

To learn more about DataRobot’s automated machine-learning platform, visit www.datarobot.com.

Anything else?

We truly appreciate everyone who used Cursor and look forward to sharing our next chapter in the months and years to come.