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Knows your codebase

Use chat to get the best answers from your codebase — or refer to specific files or docs. Use the model's code in one click.

Just hit tab

Cursor's Copilot++ lets you breeze through changes by predicting your next edit.

Edit in natural language

Cursor's Cmd-K lets you write code using instructions. Update entire classes or functions with a simple prompt.
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Feels Familiar

Import all your extensions, themes, and keybindings in one click.

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Privacy & Security

With privacy mode, none of your code is stored by us. Cursor is SOC 2 certified.

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Bring Your Own Key

Start out with your API Key. Use our hosted version for the full experience.

Loved by Developers

We are proud to have helped developers all over the world.
After many recommendations, I finally switched from VSC to Cursor and ... wow!

It's absolutely incredible. If you like Copilot (or if you don't), you'll be blown away by Cursor. There is no going back. 🤯
Cursor is at least a 2x improvement over Copilot.

It's amazing having an AI pair programmer, and is an incredible accelerator for me and my team.
Cursor is awesome!

Someone finally put AI into a code editor in a seamless way. It's so elegant and easy. I'm an hour in and already hooked.
started using Cursor yesterday & i'm blown away. it's how Copilot should feel. i'm completely off VSCode now.
Cursor is the best product I've used in a while - it's an AI enabled editor.

I just asked it to write a README for a project I've been working on - analyzed the code-base and worked first time.
Cursor is so good, and literally gets better/more feature-rich every couple of weeks.
SOC 2 Certified