Pro two-week trial

50 slow GPT-4 uses

200 cursor-small uses

2000 Copilot++ completions



Everything in Hobby, plus

500 fast GPT-4 uses per month

Unlimited slow GPT-4 uses

Unlimited cursor-small uses

Unlimited Copilot++ completions

10 Claude Opus uses per day



Everything in Pro, plus

Admin usage dashboard

Centralized billing

Enforce privacy mode

OpenAI zero-data retention

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't Cursor completely free?

Large-language models cost quite a bit of money to run. To grow Cursor sustainably without compromising our service quality, we need to cover our costs.

What is cursor-small?

cursor-small is our custom model that is not as capable as GPT-4 models but faster, useful for quick editing tasks.

What are fast and slow uses?

Fast uses of GPT-4 are given first priority by our backend and are served faster than OpenAI's public API. On pro, once you hit your fast use limit, you can still use GPT-4, but your requests may be queued behind others at times of high load.

What code do you store?

With "Privacy mode", your code is never stored anywhere other than your machine and will never be trained on. Otherwise, we cache code snippets when you invoke the AI to improve Cursor.

Do all Cursor features work with an API key?

A few of Cursor's features (including Copilot++ and Apply from Chat) are powered by custom models and cannot be charged to an API key.

How do the plan limits work?

If you go over your limit, we'll nicely ask you to upgrade. You can use up to 50 uses of GPT-4 for free.

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Of course! Cancel at any time by clicking the manage plan button in settings.

Where can I ask more questions?

Feel free to join and post on our forum. If you'd rather keep your question private, you can email us directly at hi@cursor.sh.

Who owns the code generated in Cursor?

You! Regardless of whether you use the free, pro or business version of Cursor, all generated code is yours and free to be used however you like, including commercially.

What is Copilot++?

Copilot++ is Cursor's native autocomplete feature. It's a more powerful version of Copilot that can suggest mid-line completions and entire diffs.

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