Cursor's Copilot++ is a more powerful autocomplete which predicts your next edit. Once enabled, it is always on and will suggest edits to your code across multiple lines, taking into account your recent changes.

Code Generation

Copilot++ sees your recent changes, so it can predict what you want to do next.

Copilot++ code generation example

Multi-Line Edits

Copilot++ can suggest multiple edits at once, saving you time.

Copilot++ fast edits example

Smart Rewrites

Type carelessly, and Copilot++ will fix your mistakes.

Copilot++ smart rewrites example

Cursor Prediction Beta

Copilot++ predicts your next cursor position so you can seamlessly navigate your code.

Copilot++ cursor prediction example


Chat lets you talk with an AI that sees your codebase. The chat can always see your current file and cursor, so you can ask it things like: "Is there a bug here?". You can add particular blocks of code to the context with Ctrl+Shift+L or "@." You can chat with your entire codebase with Ctrl+Enter.

Codebase Answers

Use @Codebase or Ctrl Enter to ask questions about your codebase. Cursor will search your codebase to find relevant code to your query.

Chat codebase example

Reference your Code

Reference code with @ symbols to be used as context for the AI. Just type @ to see a list of all the files and code symbols in your folder.

Chat @ symbol example

Use Images

Hit the image button under chat or drag an image into the input box to include visual context into chat.

Chat vision example

Ask the Web

Get up-to-date information from the internet with @Web. Cursor will search the web for you and use the latest information to answer your question.

Chat web example

Instant Apply

Apply the code suggestions from chat back into your codebase by clicking the play button on top of any chat codeblock.

Chat apply example

Use Documentation

Reference popular libraries using @LibraryName, or add your own using @Docs → Add new doc.

Chat docs example

Ctrl K

Ctrl K lets you edit and write code with the AI. To edit, try selecting some code, click "Edit," and describe how the code should be changed. To generate completely new code, just type Ctrl K without selecting anything.

Fast Edits

Edit and write code with the AI. Select some code, click Ctrl K, and describe how the code should be changed. Or, generate new code with Ctrl K without selecting anything.

Command K fast edit example

Terminal Ctrl K

Use Ctrl K in the terminal to write terminal commands in plain english. Cursor will convert them into the terminal command you need.

Command K terminal example

Quick Questions

If you have any quick questions about certain parts of your code, you can select and click on "quick question" to get your answer right away.

Command K question example
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