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Analytics for the modern organization.

Author queries at breakneck speed.

Your databases' default query editor hasn't been updated since Windows 95. Start working with something designed from the ground up to be fast. No more typeahead delays, scrolling through infinite query history, or waiting for large datasets to return.

Cursor will make finding the right table, identifying the proper join key, and memorizing how to exclude test data a thing of the past.

Leverage the knowledge of the collective

The understanding of your company's data is spread across the organization, yet there's no way to search it. Find out not only the to answer your questions, but who knows it best:

  • What was last quarter's churn in EMEA?
  • How many daily active users do we have?
  • How much of product X did we sell last week?

Cursor is designed to automatically capture the work you do, while you do it.


All of your data (understanding) in one place.

Every data warehouse, table, query, and report - all searchable from a single interface.

Unite business leaders and analytics teams by sharing the same platform for code, dashboards, and discussion.

We aim to be the last BI tool you'll ever need or use.

Over 40% of executed queries have been written before.  Spend less time coding and more time adding value.

All You Need


Cursor is a collaborative data understanding and analytics platform. Useful for a team of 1 or 10,000, Cursor blends search, coding, and collaboration into a single product.


Easily find that code you wrote last year or your teammate's work (that's on vacation in the jungle).


Stuck on something? Have a question? Easily identify who to ask and keep moving forward.


Need to publish a quick dashboard with that query? Don't switch applications.


Cursor automatically captures your work as you do it, taking the pain out of doing it yourself.


Quickly infer when code has become stale based on feedback from your peers.


We've worked in healthcare, high-tech, and government. As a result, everything starts with security.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you can't find an answer to your question.

What is Cursor?

Cursor is a collaborative analytics platform that lets users easily author, organize and search code from around their organization

How do I get started?

See that query editor you're using that was written for Windows 95? Put it aside and try ours on for size. We think you'll be impressed.

Can I try it first?

You betcha. Soon, you'll be able to try our product against some nifty sample data.

Can I get value if I don't know SQL?

Yes and yes! When business leaders participate in the conversation, it helps drive more informed results. That means commenting on dashboards, jumping into conversations, and all things between.

What is a personal data catalog?

Ever forget whether a column was called PRODUCT_ID or PID? We make all of your metadata instantly searchable to ease the development burden. You've never seen search this fast.

Where and how are my credentials stored?

Your database credentials are kept encrypted locally on your computer and not stored or made visible to anyone else.

Is my work (data) safe?

Unless you direct otherwise, Cursor doesn't touch your company's data. We only store the queries you publish for your teammates to learn from.

How much does it cost?

For now, Cursor is free. As we grow, we'll ask larger teams who derive the most benefit to pay an annual fee.

Other questions?

We're always available at