Take back your time, get results faster.

Cursor combines all the best features of a data catalog with the capability of a development platform and the knowledge sharing power of social media.

Find data fast

Data lives in more places than ever before. Only by connecting to all available data sources can you be certain you've found the best data for a given question.

Understand it

Understanding data requires domain expertise. Leverage the knowledge of each and every data citizen in your organization.


Whether your neighbor or a colleague across the world has worked on what you're looking for, find existing code and avoid re-inventing the wheel.


Ask questions, share insights, and let everyone benefit from the awesome work being done.


Key Features

With Cursor you will increase data literacy and unleash the value of your data.

Machine Learning Data Catalog

Cursor’s data catalog functionality helps users find the data they need in minutes, not hours. Leveraging pre-built connectors, Cursor can search against datastores, big data platforms, BI tools, and even homegrown applications. Users search with natural language, and pull meaningful metatdata to help them understand the data and select what they need.

Machine Learning Data Catalog

Everyone is a Steward

The goal of data governance is to build trust in the data. In order to trust the data, users have to understand it. Cursor enables users to capture information about the data while they work. Business terms are added and linked to data assets. Definitions are written and team members can comment or add more information. Users rate the quality of the data while they are using it. In this way, Cursor seeds data governance from the ground up. Everyone participates in one conversation and everyone becomes a steward.

Data Steward

Get Started Immediately

While similar tools can take months to implement, teams can download Cursor and start unleashing the value of their data immediately. There is no server required to get started and the platform supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Get Started

Security First

You can get going with Cursor in minutes and still be sure that your company’s data is safe. All company data remains behind the firewall, Cursor pulls the metadata only. Our customizable permission model also allows admins to set access to the content by user or user group.


Eliminate Duplicative Work

With the increasing pressure to make more data driven decisions, Analysts have more work than ever before. Cursor empowers Analysts and Developers to share their work through a code catalog. They can search for previously written code, clone it, re-use it, or build upon it. They can see who wrote it, who has used it, and any comments or ratings left by those users. Even better, they can chat with other users to get answers to questions about the code. Analysts can get to insights faster with Cursor.

Eliminate Duplicative Work